Green Leaf Catering llc     


Beef+Lamb Koobideh Kebab

Ground Beef and Lamb + Saffron RIce + Tzatziki

Chicken Kobideh Kebab

Ground chicken+Rice and grilled tomatoes

Chicken Kebab

Boneless chicken pieces marinated in saffron and lemon juice+ Rice and grilled tomatoes+Tzatziki

Chicken Wings Kebab

10 Pieces of  saffron marinated wings+ Grilled tomatos And Tzatziki

Sabzi  Polo 

Rice with herbs and garlic with marinated Tilapia fish+ Kuku Sabzi ( pan fried pattiescontaining a Mixture of Chopped Parsley,Coriander,Fenugreek,Onion,Eggs,Walnut,pepper,Barberries) + Kaleh Kebab (Grilled eggplant, Herbs,Garlic,

Pomegranate and Walnut Sauce)

Zereshk Polo

Chicken cooked in veggie sauce+ Rice with saffron and  barberries+ Salad

Baghali Polo

Rice with lima beans and dill+Leg of Lamb+Tzatziki

Chicken Tahchin 

Chicken pieces,saffron,Rice, yogurt,Eggs,Barberries and Cinnamon 

( For Vegetarians Sauteed Eggplant or Spinach instead of Chicken)

Pan Kebab

Ground Beef with onions and bell pepper+Rice pilaf with Lentils and tomato Sauce+Salad